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Thirumurugan rapidly adapted to the technologies changes that are essential to compete in this business environment growth over years

About Us

Thirumurugan is a modern and reputed Spinning Mill located at Kottaipalayam, Sarkarsamakulam (Po), Coimbatore - 641107.


Thirumurugan Spinners is progressing constantly we made sensible investment to double the spindlege with latest LMW Machines, Murata 21C Autoconers.

Latest News

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100% Cotton Carded
NE 32/1 to 64/1 Carded Yarn


    All our departments are equipped with state-of-the-art latest machineries. These Modern machineries help us perform the various actions in a professional way and optimize our production quality besides reducing the downtime.

    We always believe that human resource is our most valuable asset and our strong human resource department recruits, inducts, trains and continuously motivates the employees to reach and maintain the highest level of excellence in all disciplines.

Cotton Selection

    As the quality of the cotton determines the quality of yarn we at Thirumurugan Spinners take care to maintain consistently rich raw material mix throughout the year. Hence we procure the best cotton from selected modernized ginning factories in Telangana and Gujarat, with whom we have an excellent business relationship.

Machine Infrastructure
Blow room
LMW Blow room line with 2 Nos of vetal continuation cleaner with polysensors and bale plucker.
LC 300 A -V3, LC 300 A -V4
LRSB851 Digital Auto levelers drawing
LF 1400 A with SKF drafting system
LR 6 S, LR G5/1 Ring Frames
Auto Coner
MURATA PAC 21 - C winding system with Uster Quantum-3 clearer and accurate length measurement.

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Address :  S.F .No 233/3 & 4,Kottaipalayam,

           11/D-1, Power House Road,Sarkarsamakulam,


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